Monday, 18 October 2010

A list of treasured possessions for Family History research

I always promote the safe preservation and use of archival products for family memorabilia passed down having seen so many instances of poor storage and presentation. Ensure you do this correctly using acid free products.

However this posting is to highlight what memorabilia could be useful to further your research. Often these only come to light after a family death or a house move and can either be the starting point of your research or fill in a lot of gaps.

·       Certificates (birth, marriage, death, adoption, baptism and confirmation)
·       Memorial cards
·       Photographs and drawings
·       Correspondence (letters, postcards)
·       Scrapbooks
·       Family bibles/prayer books, diaries
·       House or business account books (invoices, receipts)
·       Passports, identity cards
·       Ration books, war letters, medals, badges
·       Membership books (clubs and organisations)
·       Examination or school leaving certificates and school reports
·       Old newspapers/cuttings
·       Insurance policies
·       Wills and legal documents

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