Monday, 25 October 2010

Information from Family Photographs

We will all have a box of old family photographs handed down or left by our ancestors. It is unfortunately rare to find our ancestors have written any details on the photographs with the date, where it was taken and the names of the people on it.

This is a lesson we all need to learn for our current photograph collection. However ensure you write the details using an acid free pen as this ink will not fade or damage the photographs. You can also buy an acid free pen that can be used safely on the front as well as the back.

However all is not lost. Even if you can identify the people on the photograph estimating the date can still be undertaken by clues:

·       The approximate ages of any children in the photograph (far easier to estimate than adults)
·       Clothes or uniforms the people are wearing
·       Buildings or location landmarks
·       Cars or other transport can offer approximate years
·       Really useful if the photograph has details of the photographer stamped on the back
·       The type of paper and process used to develop the photograph

For close examination of photographs use a Photo Magnifier.

The following site is useful for helping to indentify Victorian and Edwardian photographs

Finally Street Trade Directories will help you locate photographers who have stamped the photographs. By looking through the years you can see what years they were in business.

See my blog article below with a link to Trade Directories.

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